Monday, December 14, 2009

...great giveaway...

Please check out for today's great giveaway!  They're offering a new font for their stamping called "Whimsy".  I love their beautiful!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

...magical moments...

This is my daughter's First Christmas and I'm so excited!!!  I now can see the magic of the season again...through her eyes.  It's a time to relive the wonderful feelings I had of Christmases past as a child and create new ones with our little one.

I was brought to tears the other night when my daughter was being held by her Pappa.  He brought her over to a table to show her their table top Santa and Christmas Tree decoration.  It was lit up with Santa moving about and Christmas tunes were being daughter was in absolute awe...Pappa sat her on the table in front of it; the tree lights reflecting off of her face. My daughter's eyes couldn't get any wider and with her chubby little hand reached out to touch the tree...this picture is forever in my mind.  It reminded me of what is supposed to matter at this time of year and all year long.  It also brought my own memories of my Grampa to mind..I miss him so much and wish he were here to see my little one. 

Taking her to see Santa was something we were so excited about too...he's the guy that kids look up to...the magical man that kids can't wait to see each year.  Because my mom took us each year for Santa visits and photos ('til I was 12!), we can look back through each year and have many laughs with the photos.  I hope that we can share this tradition with our daughter.

I'm sure all new moms and dads get super excited for their baby's first Christmas ~ I know we are!  I had so much fun shopping for her new stocking and her very first Christmas ornament.  I can't wait until Christmas Eve to have her open her Christmas PJ's and settle down for sleep, to wake up and see that Santa has visited.  These moments make me feel exactly how I felt as a kid on Christmas Eve all over again...the magic is back!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

...heading to the post office...

Well, I finally finished wrapping my parcel for my partner in the Brown Paper Package Exchange and will be heading to the post office today!  I wrapped the individual gifts with my friend Shannon, last week, but have not been able to find a moment to finish up the parcel.  Where do the hours...days go???

Ah well, it's done and will be en route later today....Yay!!!!  I hope the recipient of my gift will like everything...that's always a worry for me when I give gifts...but I guess that's part of the anticipation and good feeling you have when giving.

If my partner does view my blog after receiving her gift, please know that I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and many warm blessings for the new year.  I had so much fun doing this and I hope I brought some cheer to you and your family.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

...brown paper package exchange...

...well, finally another moment free to try and post some more.  Little munchkin is asleep for the moment...sshhhh.

I've been trying to work on my gift for the Brown Paper Package Exchange that I'm taking part in (see my sidebar).  I learned about this through my good friend Shannon, who is also taking part.  We have enjoyed chatting about ideas for our gifts that we will be sending to our secret partners and now have finally put our gifts together.  We are going to get together and wrap these parcels...I can't wait!  It's going to be so much fun!  Thanks Shan!

Part of what I am enjoying the most of this exchange is the fun I've had in trying to learn about the person who I'm sending my gift to (through her blog) and hopefully, coming up with some ideas that she will enjoy.  It's always nice to try and surprise someone and give a little cheer.

My gift doesn't have any particular theme ~ I am going with items that I think she would like as well as sharing a few little items that I hold dear in my Christmas traditions.  She will be receiving some yummy chocolates that are from Laura Secord ~ one of my favourite chocolate shops!  There will also be some Christmas Crackers to adorn her Christmas dinner table.  These are so fun and have always been a part of my family's Christmas dinners as long as I can remember...something pretty and will bring out the little kid in everyone.  I've also picked out a trio of tree ornaments that I thought were unique and caught my eye immediately.  Also in her package will be a pair of official Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games red mittens for the Canadian Olympic Team...something to mark our country hosting the Olympics next year.  And last, but not least, a little something just for her to enjoy; a pretty piece of fun jewellery.  I will try to post some photos later on.  I am hoping to have her parcel en route by this Friday.

Thank you Emily & Mellisa (Max & Ellie) for putting this exchange together ~ I've enjoyed taking part and really hope to make someone's Christmas a little sweeter.

...Quick Post...

As I type this, my little girl is letting me know that she is frustrated with her jungle gym time and wants her I need to be quick.

It is December already...the month of November flew by...was it even here???  As I said in my last post, time flies as a new mamma and each day rolls into the next.  My baby girl will be 4 months old tomorrow and I am loving EVERY minute of her discoveries, growth, cuddles and cries.  I can't wait for her first Christmas and am enjoying the preparations and new traditions to start with our little family.

I must run for now, but will finish my post later...

Mamma to Chelsea

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Whole New Life...

Well, it's been almost 4 months since my last post...where has the time gone? A whole new life has begun for me...A whole new life has been born into my world.
The last couple of months in my pregnancy were more tiring than I could've ever imagined and, looking back, I know that I worked too late into the pregnancy (38 weeks). 'Overwhelmed' is one way to describe how I felt those last weeks. I barely functioned...getting showered and dressed were accomplishments for me and anything else, that was icing on the cake.
I went into labour in the afternoon of August 1st, 2009, and after 21 hours, on August 2nd, 2009, we welcomed our little girl into the world. Hearing the nusres announce that we had a daughter was the most joyous moment in my life. Meeting her and kissing her for the first time took my breath away. She was a little bundle weighing 8lbs 6oz and had a full head of dark hair and ocean-blue eyes. My life had changed forever in that moment she came into my life.
I am a!!! Realizing a lifetime dream come true is amazing. What is even better, is that the dream isn't 'done'. I get to continue living this dream for the rest of my life and experience the joy repeatedly with everything that motherhood will bring to me. Life has been extremely different, hectic, tiring, joyous, calming, full of love, and FULL of adjustments. I no longer have a sense of time or dates...a whole week can go by before I've looked at a calendar or clock. I am living in each moment to the fullest, trying to adjust to motherhood and my new little girl. It's been difficult to greet each day knowing that there is no routine in place yet...but I know that this is how it needs to be for now. My whole new life is about taking care of the whole new life in our little girl.
My hope with my blog is to write about my experiences as a new mother and where this new life takes me. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happiness and heros...

At 33 weeks pregnant, making it through the work week is getting tougher to do...and so today is Friday and that makes me happy!!! I can try to sleep in tomorrow...which means no alarm clock going off at 5 am for two whole days. I am elated at the thought! Happiness!!! I dug out a keepsake that I've been meaning to get out long before now, but just hadn't. That keepsake is a white baby blanket that my Grampa had given me when I was born. I came home from the hospital in this fringed daisy-embroidered blanket and I want to make sure our baby has the honour to do the same. I know that it would have made my Grampa proud to see his great-grandchild wrapped in something that he gave me at my birth. I had washed and cared for it before packing it away ~ and even though it doesn't need it, I can't wait to wash it in Ivory Snow and make it perfectly ready for our baby. And while on the topic of my Grampa, it seems fitting to mention that my Blog title is in honour of him...'GEM' were his initials and he was always full of stories and lessons that we were inspired by. He was my hero...

About Me

I'm about to embark on the most significant chapter of life...becoming a mother. I have always dreamed of this time and have been patient...okay not always...but none-the-less, I am about to be a Mommy in about 9 weeks. I love family and get upset with confrontation...I'm a peace-keeper. I adore the love of my life, Al.